Multimedia Storytelling Sites, Fall 2014

Temple Students continue to produce quality community journalism, and you can follow their development and progress at the links below. Lots of work to be proud of.

Leisure beat

Chase Senior: On the Mic & On Paper

Jayson Loose: From Tee to Green

Casey Yoos: The Inside Story on Paintball

Emily Melendez: Chronicling Dilworth Park


Arts and Culture

Kerri Ann Raimo: Outside the Venue

Caitlin O’Connell: The Nonprofit Report

Kelley Hey: Greek Philly

Alexis Byrd: Fashion in the City

Patrick Smith: Philly Punk, Metal and Thrash


Working People

Valerie Vaincoeur: Working People – Maids and domestic workers

Kathryn Stellato: Working People – The adult industry

Michael Zahn: A Truth to Be Told About SEPTA



Taylor Lumpkin: OpenArts and the Art Community

Kirsten Lewis: Philly Community Events

Chris Cornwell: PhilaDevelopment

Nick Gomberg: Restaraunts and Small Businesses


Student Websites • Spring 2014

This semester, students in Temple’s Multimedia Storytelling class are covering a wide range of beats, with exciting work to come. Follow their work below

Philadelphia Movers, Shakers, and Community Organizations

David Zisser:

Cara Stefchak:

Lindsey Murray:

Jared Whalen:

Philly Sports and Fan Culture

John Henry:

Samuel Matthews:

Danielle Nelson:

Max McGee:

Phashionable Philly

Alex Snell:

Steven Taytlebaum:

Chris Wirth:

Marissa Pina:

Poverty and Homelessness

Kevin Troilo:

Alisa Miller:

Meaghan Pogue:

Hua Zong:

Life on South Street

Shauna Cottle:

Catherine Palmer:

Matt Snider:

Thomas Moser:

Student Websites • Fall 2013

This semester, students in Temple's Multimedia Storytelling class are building their own WordPress powered sites and howting content from their beats. 

Groups of 3-4 students cover a beat, posting individual stories to their own hosted sites. You can follow their exploits here, organized by beat.


Oscar Castillo:

Kate McCann:

Patrick McPeak:

Affordable Philadelphia

Eddie Durkin:

Nina Lispi:

Nicole Soll:

Philadelphia Fashion, Fitness and Fall

Jen Nguyen:

Joie Johnson-Walker:

Logan Wilson:

Philly Food Notes

John Corrigan:

Colin Tansits:

Amber White:


Larene Cassells:

John Iatesta:

Breland Moore:

Undiscovered Gems of Philadelphia

Joe Coufal:

Saudia Durrant:

Laura Maguire:

Mark Whited: