Imagining the journalist of the future

Earlier this year, Andy Mendelson and I published a piece entitled “Imaging the journalist of the future: Technological visions of journalism education and news work,” as part of a special issue on critical media studies and the future of journalism. It is a roster of heavy hitters for this issue, and I feel privileged to have been a part. If you are interested in the future of journalism and have not taken a look at the full issue already, I can not recommend the entire issue enough. Get it here:

Anyhow, here is the abstract of our piece, for those interested:

Digitization has resulted in great uncertainty for journalism, leading to disruption of business models, revenue streams, media distinctions, and production practices. This uncertainty has led to many articles, reports, blog posts, and general commentary discussing the future of both journalism and the skills required by journalists to succeed in this environment. This essay analyzes these discourses, focusing specifically on the nature of technology as the sole determiner of journalism’s future, with interventions aimed at journalism education and the structure of newswork. An idealized notion of the technologically adept journalist, ready to usher in digital stability, emerges as the object of these debates and, thanks in large part to the limited scope and ahistorical character of digital discourse, obscures more persistent, systemic critiques of technology and journalism.

Always happy to share the full piece with anyone blocked by a paywall.

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