CFP: Remembering Stuart Hall – Trajectories and Permutations

Remembering Stuart Hall: Trajectories and Permutations

The recent passing of Stuart Hall has occasioned reflections and remembrances across academe. Casting a long shadow across the world of Cultural Studies, Hall’s personality and gracious spirit have been excellently catalogued and eulogized in the pages of sundry other publications. In the collaborative spirit that underlies our project, Culture in Conversation instead offers scholars and researchers a space to converse and compare their intellectual trajectories, excavating the traces and deep marks bearing Stuart Hall’s influence.

We are not asking for fully crafted essays or research studies. Instead, we seek the kind of open engagement engendered by scholarly conversation.

Specifically, we seek conversations and contributions that are reflexive in scope, yet also point the way to new possibilities. Using Hall’s texts, concepts, methods, or practices as an originating point, we seek contributors interested in revealing to others how they’ve made his work useful in their own lines of inquiry. We seek conversations and contributions that retread and capture intellectual cartographies, leaving maps for those who may come later. We offer the following suggestions as a starting point, and welcome other, overlooked topics.

  • The possibility of contemporary conjectural analysis.
  • “Encoding/decoding” in a digital world
  • The Atlantic-sized gulf between British and American Cultural Studies
  • Continued negotiations of identity
  • The evolving politics of image and representation
  • Doing things with Marx and Gramsci no one has seen before
  • Deconstructing the contemporary popular
  • The ever-widening circuit of culture
  • The legacy of Policing the Crisis
  • Contesting the politics to come

Interested individuals should consult our style guidelines below and familiarize themselves with prior conversations published on this site.

Deadline April 15, 2014. Submissions may be e-mailed to

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