“A Measure of Theory” in American Journalism

Last October, my colleague and fellow University of Georgia alum Amber Roessner pulled together a panel for AJHA exploring the role of theory in journalism history. I am not a historian, but I do fashion myself as theory literate. American Journalism published my contribution, “A Post-strucuturalist Approach to Theory and History: Toward a Genealogical Understanding of Media Texts and Artifacts,” alongside the work of Amber Roessner, Rick Popp, and Fred Blevins. The essay is currently one of AJ’s most read and can be found here: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/08821127.2013.790778#.UjtWimR4bCp

For those without permissions or library access, a version of my contribution is available here: Creech_Journalism History and Theory Revised

Here’s the citation for those interested:

Amber Roessner, Rick Popp, Brian Creech, & Fred Blevens, “‘A Measure of Theory?’:Considering the Role of Theory in Media History ”American Journalism 30, no. 2 (Spring 2013): 260-278

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